Situated in Porto Venere, a few meters from the sea, Trattoria La Marina is one of the oldest restaurant in the village. The restaurant born in the early years of '900. The kitchen serves seafood with combinations of great interest. We are the fifth generation grandparents Enrico, Antonio, Angiolino and now Canese Antonio and his son Roberto. The cuisine of Restaurant La Marina, Portovenere, is based on the use of authenticity and freshness products.The menu can change, depending on the availability of fresh fish and the type of products found in the season.The restaurant look at the port and extends to the Palmaria island. In this restaurant were shot many commercials, beginning with Barilla pasta.


Trattoria La Marina, in 2003 , was awarded the Order of the Knights of the Brotherhood of Pesto by the "quality assurance", recognized for quality ingredients and careful preparation and rigorous applied in the preparation of the true pesto Genovese, handed down by Grandma Lola to his nephew Robert.


In 2006, Antonio began his adventure as official Chef of Juventus FC in away matches in Italy and araund the world.

From November 2010 Antonio became Official Chef of Juventus team in home and away matches.



Si avvisa la clientela che il ristorante resterà chiuso per tutta la giornata del 29/05/2016


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